Burn Restrictions

Burn Restrictions

Whether you are a commercial or residential owner, it is essential for you to understand and comply with our District’s unique burn restrictions.  Since Northstar is located in a Very High Fire Hazard area, our District is subject to certain burn restrictions mandated by State, County, and Local statutes. Additionally, the Northstar Fire Department has the ability to be preemptive, and declare short, temporary bans ahead of certain forecasted weather.  For example, the Northstar Fire Department may declare a burn ban in anticipation of Red Flag or Extreme Fire warnings.  For information regarding today’s forecasted weather or information regarding “red flag” or “extreme fire” warnings, please click here:

NOAA Weather Forecast

Red Flag and Extreme Warnings

Seasonal Burn Ban

The Northstar Fire Department has implemented an ordinance to ban backyard type campfires and charcoal BBQs during the fire season (usually June - November). When this Burn Ban is in effect, we will post on our District’s website a moving banner indicating that the ban is in effect. Furthermore, you may see actual physical banners hung at strategic locations or roadway intersections within our District.  When the Burn Ban is in effect, here is what is allowed and not allowed:


Short -Term Rentals (STRs) Burn Ban

Placer County’s Short-Term Rental ordinance (Chapter 9, Article 9.42) permanently bans the use of outdoor charcoal BBQs/grills and open wood-burning pits, bonfires or campfires.  Thus, at no time, may an Owner of a STR allow their renters to use such outdoor appliances or perform such activities.  For more information regarding Placer County’s ordinance, please click on the following link:



Project Burn Permits within the District may be obtained after an on-site inspection by one of our Fire Inspectors. An inspection may be scheduled by contacting bolk@northstarcsd.org. Typically, a project burn permit will only be issued for the purposes of fuels management on undeveloped or unimproved land/parcels.

Residential or Commercial Debris Burning

The Northstar Fire Department does not allow owners within the District to perform landscaping debris burning – regardless of the time of year.  Thus, the Northstar Fire Department does not issue burn permits for such purposes.