Special Events

Special Events

The Northstar Fire Department celebrates and supports special events. Special events and activities help to enhance the vitality and economic prosperity within our District. They also bring a liveliness and energy to this beautiful resort.

It is the Northstar Fire Department’s mission to make sure that these offered events and activities meet fire and life safety codes. We want the events to be exceptional and special for those in attendance, however we also desire for them to be designed/conducted with the utmost fire and life safety compliance in mind.

If you are someone planning on conducting or holding an outdoor gathering or event (especially, if it involves tents/membrane structures or fireworks/pyrotechnic displays), you must do the following:

  1.  Review the bulletin Regulations for Outdoor Gatherings & Events. Certain regulations are required depending on the event type and its appurtenances. Prior to submitting paperwork to the fire department, please consider reviewing the following document:


  1.  Fill-out and submit a Special Event Permit Application.  The Northstar Fire Department will review the application and determine if such an event will require a permit to operate. Operational permits need to be sumbitted 30-days prior to the event.  We will contact you after we receive the application. To fill-out and submit a Special Event Permit Application, please click here:

Special Event - Tent

Special Event - General

Special Event - Hot Work

Supplemental Application for Fireworks Display form-- Electronic

            Completed applications must be submitted by email to bolk@northstarcsd.org.

  1.  Prepare to meet with the Fire Department during the design phase of the event.  The fire department may determine that a meeting during the design phase is warranted to make sure the event is being designed with certain fire and life safety measures in place.

  1.   Sign the Special Activity Permit for the event.  If the fire department determines that the event will require a permit, we will issue one with certain guidelines that must be followed PRIOR to the event.  A signature on behalf of the event organizer will be required on the permit PRIOR to the event.

  1.  Prepare for an inspection.  At the completion of set-up for the event, the fire department will perform an inspection to make sure that fire and life safety compliance has been met. The fire department will schedule an inspection based upon the information you have noted on the previously submitted Special Event Permit Application. Once the inspection is complete, the fire department will sign the special activity permit.  A signed special activity permit by both the event organizer and the fire department is required for event to take place.