COVID-19 (Corona Virus)

The Northstar Fire Department and Placer County continue to monitor the pandemic. Both stations are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our crews are on strict orders to follow the CDC, State, and county rules regarding social distancing, face coverings, and the use of personal protection equipment. Our goal is to keep our crews healthy and minimize the risk of spreading the virus. If you need assistance, please call 911 for emergencies or (530) 562-1212 for non-emergencies. Both stations, Division Chief Gibeaut, Forester Barron, and myself are available via email or phone.

I urge everyone to follow the orders from Placer County and Governor Newsom. If you have questions regarding COVID-19, or are concerned you may have COVID-19, please call the Tahoe Forest Hospital COVID-19 hotline at: (530) 582-3450. Do not go to the hospital or your health care provider's office if you have illness symptoms without calling the hotline, unless you are having a medical emergency. As always, the Northstar Fire Department is here to help for any life threatening emergency. If you call 911 and are experiencing flu like symptoms (cough, fever, chills, stomach issues, etc.), please notify the 911 dispatcher so our crews will be properly equipped when they arrive.

It is important that our residents receive the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the virus, its spread, and ways to reduce your risk. When researching information on the virus, I encourage everyone to use reputable sources. Below are links to official information regarding COVID-19.

Thank you for your assistance during this difficult time. Rest assured, the Northstar Fire Department is here for you.

Sean Bailey
Fire Chief

Tahoe Forest Hospital Information

Placer County COVID-19 Information

State of California COVID-19 Information

CDC COVID-19 Information