Forester's Message

I was hired in 2008 when the Northstar Community Services District Forestry/Fuels Management Department was established. The goal of the Forest Fuels Reduction Program is to protect the Community of Northstar from a catastrophic wildfire. 

Since the inception of the program over 1,400 acres have been treated and over 14,000 pine seedlings have been planted.

Our program is designed to have our forests closely represent a forest stand that existed prior to the establishment of the west.

Try to imagine the forests of Northstar with open spaces consisting of large diameter Jeffrey and sugar pine trees that are well spaced with minimal brush and ground fuel accumulations.  

Our riparian areas were lush in vegetation with quaking aspen and mountain alder flourishing while native trout migrated and spawned within the Martis Creek water system.

The long term vision of this department is to take the impact of altering our forests and restoring it to a level that mimics the past by enhancing forest health, minimizing forest disease and pest epidemics and establishing a forest ecosystem that is better adapted for drought, fire and enhances wildlife.

Joe Barron 
Registered Professional Forester