Reducing the Risk of Wildfire in Our Community: Information About Potential Wildfire Prevention Measure

Northstar’s surrounding forests, wet winters and dry summers contribute to a higher risk of wildfires for our community. Due to drought conditions and climate change, local forests have accumulated dead trees and a buildup of dry brush, creating serious fire hazards. These materials need to be removed in an environmentally responsible way to help reduce the risk of wildfire.

As wildfires continue to get larger, faster, and more destructive, additional resources are also needed to better protect against wildfire emergencies, including investing more in early fire detection, emergency warning systems, and fire-safe evacuation routes. 

Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Northstar Fire Department has recently collaborated with the community to update the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). The CWPP assesses the wildfire risks facing our community and proposes wildfire mitigation efforts.

While the Northstar Fire Department has already addressed some of the wildfire risks identified in the CWPP, additional funding is needed to meet the full scope of needs. 

Potential Wildfire Prevention Measure

The Northstar Community Services District Board is currently exploring local funding options, including a potential wildfire prevention measure, to ensure that the Northstar Fire Department can fully implement the CWPP. 

  • Remove dry brush, dead trees and fire hazards, to reduce wildfire risk and promote forest and watershed health
  • Provide vegetation management around neighborhoods and critical infrastructure
  • Improve evacuation routes
  • Maintain and add firebreaks where needed to prevent the spread of wildfire
  • Provide homeowners with easy and inexpensive disposal options for pine needles and green waste, including curbside pickup

Fiscal Accountability

  • All money raised by a measure would be spent to help lower the risk of wildfire within the Northstar community
  • No funds could be taken away by the State
  • An independent citizens’ oversight committee would ensure funds are spent as promised
  • An exemption from the cost of the measure will be available for low-income property owners to ensure this measure is not a burden to local homeowners on fixed or limited incomes
  • A measure would automatically expire after 10 years and could not be renewed without voter approval

Questions? Feedback? 

Please contact Jason Gibeaut, Community Risk Reduction (CRR) Division Chief, at (530) 562-1212 Ext. 1 or with any questions or feedback. 

For more details about the potential Wildfire Prevention Measure please view the following links:

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