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Fuels Management

2022 Completed Projects Map (Interactive):

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Since 1995, Fuels Management and Forest Health projects have been occurring within the Northstar Community Services District boundaries. These projects have a primary goal of preventing a catastrophic wildfire in the "Open Space/Common Areas", while enhancing the overall health of the forest. 

Key components to the Northstar Fuels Reduction/Forest Enhancement Projects are as follows:

  • Protect the investment and real value of open space parcels by reducing stocking levels of trees and brush fields to resemble the pre-Comstock era.
  • Use forest product/litter as an erosion control method and for nutrient recycling.
  • Retain various snag classes and living wildlife trees where they can be safely considered. This is based on proximity to buildings, streets, power lines and the TMT trail system.
  • Enhance and maintain a natural variable seed and forage source for wildlife.
  • Create a healthy and diverse forest for future generations to enjoy.

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